“The Zen Cat” I Ching and Chakra Art

Actually, the Zen Cat came before the “Hexagram Pup”, but don’t tell the pup, lol. The first in a new series of works that while retaining much of what was in the Travelers series, explores some new looks and ideas. Certainly going for a more playful feel while still retaining the underlying symbology and mysticism inherent in the I Ching and the charkra colors. A healing cat. Now, while I confessed to be a dog lover in the post on the Hexagram Pup, I must also confess to having had cats at different times in my life. And yes, I was living with women. My first cat experiences came from my first wife, Audrey, who already had two cats when I met her. After one left this plane, we secured a couple more including a handicapped one we called Petey. Petey was quite amazing. And totally lovable. And actually, my first cat experiences came when I was living with a woman and we took in a stray. The stray was pregnant. Yes, I am a dope! We soon had four new born kittens. It was an extraordinary experience to say the least. So yes, while being a dog lover, I do have a thing for cats.

The Zen Cat features the new big chakra wheel/clock face as the center piece of the design. I am liking this motif and would love to see it represented in 3D. I just think these would look incredible as functional sculpture. especially if they were lit. Yummy, gooey colors of the chakras. There’s also the pyramid triangles showing up and featuring the symbolism for the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, And of course, there’s a couple trigrams making their way into the Zen Cat. What hasn’t been in any of these works is the traditional yin yang circle graphic. And the reason is simple, I’m trying to represent that concept in other, less cliched ways. Not that the symbol itself is a cliche, but rather the use of it in so much of what is called “metaphysical” or “spiritual” or “mind” art really is. I like the idea of creating the yin and yang energy flow with the gradients of the “metallic” pieces of the work. The inner triangular elements of the chakra wheel.

The chakra wheel does look like a clock face to me, especially if you look at the bar that runs through the center as a pendulum. The metal circles that are on the black ring inset into that circle could be the “hands” of a clock signifying the time. Just a thought

Here’s “The Zen Cat” in all her feline glory. Original size is 24″x36″.

"The Zen Cat" is an original art work based on the I Ching and the Chakras. And yes, it also has to do with my fascination for robots.

The Zen Cat, like the Hexagram Pup and the Travelers, is also based on my fascination with robots. There is a distinctly robotic feel to these works. Spirit machines in a sense. Carrying their wisdom and insight out into the void of the Universe.

Now as far as the trigrams or hexagrams go (yes, one could read them as either due to the design), here’s what we have from left to right;

The I Ching trigram for Thunder is on the left of the Zen Cat’s head and the trigram for Wind is on the right. If we look at them like 6 lined hexagrams we have this result;

Left: The I Ching Hexagram 19. Lin. which signifies approach. The trigrams are Earth over Lake that serve to create this hexagram. Here is a quick look at the interpretation from Psychic Revelations website…

General: To make steady progress and advancement you need to learn to recognize favorable opportunities.

Love: Take the time to explore the depths of your relationship and deepen your insight into it.

Business: This is a time when expansion and success are possible.

Personal: Listen to those with more wisdom and experience than you.

For those of you wanting the more in depth interpretation, here’s a link to the Wilhelm translation and interpretation of hexagram 19.

Right: The I Ching Hexagram 33, Tun, which signifies retreat. The trigrams for this hexagram are Heaven over Mountain. Here is a quick look at the interpretation from Psychic Revelations website.

General: It is not an admission of defeat to retreat from an unequal fight.

Love: Take the time to strengthen your position when considering engaging in a fight with your partner.

Business: Rethink your position and strategy before reentering negotiations. Do not compromise just because it is quicker to do so.

Personal: Don’t ignore issues but formulate an effective strategy before attempting to deal with it. Avoid destructive confrontations.

For those of you want the more in depth interpretation, here’s a link to the Wilhelm translation and interpretation of hexagram 33.

So there you have it. I can only hope you enjoy the Zen Cat as much as I did creating her. As always, your comments and opinions matter and are greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

yours in the possibility,

P.S. My gratitude and thanks as always to my beloved and cherished Zen Girl.


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