“The Hexagram Pup” I Ching and Chakra Art

Well, every Traveler needs a dog, right? LOL, this is certainly a playful piece and one that came along last night with a companion piece called The Zen Cat that I’ll be posting today or tomorrow. I confess, I’m a dog lover. I’ve got three running about the house right now. A Shih Tzu, A Llhaso Apso and a mix of Shih Tzu and Terrier. Wonderful little creatures and great companions.

Now “The Hexagram Pup” is certainly the best example of trying to take metaphysical and spirit concepts and create something that anyone might put in their house. Regardless of whether they have any knowledge or interest in things like chakras or the I Ching. It’s just playful and fun. And as design, works pretty well I think. There’s a lot going on with this new work, which is certainly an extension out from the Travelers series of works.

First, there’s a new circle that dominates the piece. This time the wheel is done in a seven chakra gradient and has a few other tweaks and twists that differentiate it from the circle/wheels of the Travelers. The one thing that sort of happened in this work as it developed is that I saw the circle/wheel as the face of a clock. And if you look at the long bar that runs from top to bottom, it’s not a stretch to think of that as a pendulum. The small metallic circles that are in the black groove of the wheel’s face could be signifying time. Just a thought. But the other thing that got me as this piece came together was the jewelry aspect of the hexagrams on either side of the pup. Earrings? Hmmm… something new to consider. Those hexagrams also intimate stained glass windows to me and if I had any skill in such things, I’d try to make them, lol.

“The Hexagram Pup” was quite fun to create. As with a lot of work, there’s the beginning where I really don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going with a piece. I just start with that black void on the digital canvas and begin. In the case of this and the Zen Cat, it began with that new circle construction that dominates the work. Things moved quickly from there and I began to see the “animals” take form.

Here’s the full blown Hexagram Pup. The original size is 48″ x 36″.

"The Hexagram Pup" is an art piece based on the hexagrams of the I Ching and the seven colors of the chakras.

The pup features the eight trigrams of the I Ching formed into four hexagrams. I didn’t give this a lot of thought in terms of which hexagrams to form. I just went with the pairings as they were. Along with the hexagrams and the chakra color elements, the only other overtly symbolic elements are the triangles that are part of the hexagram “jewelry”. These are symbols for the four elements of fire, earth, air and water.

I decided to give a bit more information on the meaning of these hexagrams and to offer more links for further exploration. The short interpretations I’ve included are from the Psychic Revelations website which is a good source of information and offers a very concise and quick interpretation of the I Ching hexagrams. I’ve included a link to the site along with a link to the more involved Wilhelm translation of each hexagram for those who want to dig deeper into the subtleties.

The four hexagrams that appear in this work are, from left to right, as follows:

I Ching Hexagram 12, Pi, which signifies standstill or stagnation. It is formed by the trigram combination of Heaven over Earth. Here’s a small bit taken from the interpretation on the Psychic Revelations website;

General: Although this is a time of adversity you should remember that all things change and there is always hope.

Love: A lover or potential lover may not be what they seem. Beware of falling in love.

Business: New business ventures may be too good to be true. Examine them carefully.

Personal: Strengthen your moral and ethical senses. Don’t be led astray.

Here’s a link to the full Wilhelm translation of this hexagram.

I Ching Hexagram 41, Sun, which signifies decrease. It is formed by the trigram combination of Mountain over Lake.

General: Make sure you use use your resources appropriately apportioned or instability will result.

Love: Go back to basics and focus on nourishing and nurturing your relationship.

Business: Direct your resources to fundamental operations only. Be frugal with your money.

Personal: Direct your energy or finances toward basic concerns only and don’t be impatient or resentful in having to do so.

A link to the Wilhelm translation of hexagram 41.

I Ching Hexagram 42, I, which signifies increase. Formed by the trigrams Wind over Thunder.

General: When accompanied by generosity abundance will endure.

Love: Do not be miserly in sharing your love with your partner.

Business: This is a time for furthering your business and for rewarding your staff generously.

Personal: Take the opportunity to help others and you will achieve great success.

A link to the Wilhelm translation of hexagram 42.

I Ching Hexagram 64, Wei Chi, which signifies before completion. Consists of the trigrams Fire over Water.

General: You will need to be especially vigilant in the last few yards to success.

Love: If you wish to achieve your goal within your relationship, you must not allow yourself to be distracted.

Business: Focus on achieving your business goals and do not allow yourself to be distracted.

Personal: Do not allow pride or impatience to get in the way of the success that is so near.

The Wilhelm translation of hexagram 64.

So there you have it, “The Hexagram Pup”. An ode to all the amazing dogs I’ve met in my life. Amazing creatures. And on a side note, if you are a dog lover, I highly recommend the book, “The Wolf in the Parlor”. Just an extraordinary look at the evolution of dogs and our connection to them. Here’s a link to it on Amazon. And no, I don’t get paid to hawk books, lol. It is a great read though.

As always, feel free to comment and critique. Your opinions are most welcome.

Yours in the possibility,

P.S. Gotta throw some love and thankfulness to my treasured Zen Girl for all her inspiration and education. Thank you baby.


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