"Shaman Code" is a digital I Ching and Chakra based art piece from Sacred Square.

I Ching and Chakra Art: “Shaman Code”

A Shaman Traveller? There is a distinct human facial quality to the work and there is, in the trigrams of the I Ching, the use of the seven chakra colors and the introduction of the triangular pyramid symbols for the four elements, certainly a lot of “code”. Really an extension and continuation from the Travelers series of robotic, futuristic stylings, this piece caries several of those themes forward, but also makes the “human” face more upfront.

The human or robot face that dominates the center of the work is the shaman. A high tech and metaphysical blending of machine like structures and components and the chakra colors expressed in the circle of the eyes, the vertical bars of the mouth and the two horizontal bars at the bottom. I envision it all floating against the blackness of the void, of space, this giant construct from an advanced civilization. Perhaps left behind to offer wisdom and knowledge of esoteric things to races that find them out amongst the stars. Well, that is one story, lol.

It’s also just the simple quest of this artist to bring the I Ching, through design into more people’s lives. As with the Traveler’s series, you don’t have to understand anything about the symbols in the work to enjoy it. Many I show these pieces to simply like them as design, as art. They are drawn to the shapes and the colors. Others find varying levels of what’s behind some of these shapes. For me personally, it’s both. The piece has to work as stand alone art first. Yet I also want it to work in a meditative and metaphysical way for those who see further in.

The metallic areas are done in a few ways. In the purely yin and yang gradient style of black and white, and also in a darker, more metallic gradient on some of the triangles. The triangle and pyramid shapes have many different meanings across many different cultures and time periods. For me, the alternating pyramids at the top represent the masculine and the feminine. The pairs that surround the face area are, from left to right, symbolic of the four elements, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The lowest pair of triangles, the darker ones that are on either side of the mouth area, are simply design for me. But I know they also carry meanings across cultures.

The chakra colored bars are just that, chakra colored bars, lol. The circles of chakra infused light are the circles representing all things.For me the chakra colors represent movement, energy. As a person does chakra healing work they often move through their various chakra centers, opening them and thus achieving a higher state of enlightenment.

The shaman is like a guide, a guru in many ways. A storehouse of knowledge. The I Ching trigrams are also infused with the chakra colors. All, except two, have a gradient of color. This suggests that movement and also change, of which the trigrams are certainly agents of wisdom on. The eight trigrams stand alone as symbols themselves, but they also, through combinations, change and alter themselves into the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, or Book of Changes. They are, in my mind, the ultimate symbols of change.

An I Ching and Chakra based art work, "Shaman Code" utilizes the colors of the chakras, the symbols for the four elements and the trigrams of the I Ching.

And I have realized that I’ve used these trigrams in so much of the work that is part of Sacred Square and have rarely given their names or rather, the things they symbolize. So let me change that, lol.

From left to right, the trigrams are Heaven, Earth, Mountain, Lake, Wind, Thunder, Fire and Water. Some of the trigrams also symbolize the four directions and the four seasons. The trigram for water symbolizes North and Winter. The trigram for Lake symbolizes West and Autumn. Fire symbolizes South and Summer while Thunder symbolizes East and Spring.

I think that we as humans are quite adept at creating symbols for things. Look around our own modern world and you can see hundreds across your daily life. Our ancestors created many simple geometric shapes to help order their universe, represent what they experienced. This area of symbols lends itself to art, to artists. It’s our nature to play with them.

As always feel free to share your thoughts and opinions and comments. They are appreciated.

Yours in the possibility,

P.S. As is my custom and my desire, a heart felt thanks to my beloved Zen Girl for all that she does and all that she is.


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