"The Yellow Traveler" is a digital art work and design piece by Sacred Square based on the colors of the chakras, trigrams of the I Ching and robots!

“The Yellow Traveler” Digital Art based on the Chakras, the I Ching and Robots

The next one in the series of my little metaphysical robot travelers. The Yellow Traveler is symbolic of the third chakra which is located in the human body’s solar plexus. This chakra is said to be the source of our personal power and to influence our abilities to manifest in the world. There’s a lot to be said for doing chakra based meditations in terms of personal growth and healing. Yoga is a popular method to use with chakra meditation and work.  You can find loads of good information out there on chakra meditations. You can also check out the book, “Wheels of Life” which is a classic in chakra understanding. I’ll add a link at the bottom of this post.

This piece is part of the seven part series of Travelers. A mix of future and ancient imagery, I’d like to think that there is both a playfulness in these pieces along with a deeper underlying current of spiritual and sacred energy. I also like to thing that the art and design stand alone and that a person may not recognize the chakra colors or the I Ching trigrams and still find the art itself pleasing or intriguing. It’s really a goal of mine to expose more people to these metaphysical and sacred concepts. One can have something like this in their home and just feel good in its presence

So here’s the third in the series of The Travelers…

"The Yellow Traveler" is a digital art work and design piece by Sacred Square based on the colors of the chakras, trigrams of the I Ching and robots!

Besides the yin and yang of the triangles and more metallic pieces, there are the bars of the seven chakra colors and the great wheel of the yellow, or third chakra. This wheel has the eight trigrams that form the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching faded against it’s face. The two trigrams that are on the lower portion of the piece, with their transitional gradients moving from the orange of the second chakra, through the yellow of the third and into the green of the fourth, the heart chakra.

These two trigrams are, from top to bottom, symbolic of Wind and Thunder. The top one, Wind is composed of two strong yang (unbroken) lines and one yin (broken) line. The bottom trigram, Thunder is it’s opposite. When you combine these two trigrams you can have one of four results. Here’s the breakdown…

Wind over Wind. Hexagram 57 of the I Ching (Sun) which signifies The Gentle. For more information on this hexagram, here’s a link:

Hexagram 57 of the I Ching

The next combination is Thunder over Thunder which produces hexagram 51, Chen which signifies The Arousing. For more information and an interpretation of this hexagram, use the link below…

Hexagram 51 of the I Ching

If we put Wind over Thunder we create hexagram 42, I which signifies Increase. Here’s a link to an interpretation of this hexagram.

Hexagram 42 of the I Ching

And our last hexagram to be formed from these two together is #32, placing Thunder over Wind, and forming the hexagram Heng which signifies Duration. For an interpretation and more information, use this link:

Hexagram 32 of the I Ching

I encourage you to explore the I Ching. It’s a very fascinating look into human psychology along with being an aide to divination or insight driven guidance. And here’s the link to “Wheels of Life”, the chakra book on Amazon. And no, I don’t get an affiliate marketing dollar for any links I give you, lol.

Wheels of Life Chakra Book on Amazon

As always, your thoughts, opinions and outright slander are welcomed and appreciated…

yours in possibility,

P.S. My thanks and love to Zen Girl for all her encouragement, wisdom and guidance. I love you baby.


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