"The Green Traveler" is a digital art and design piece that utilizes sacred, spiritual geometry, the colors of the chakras and trigrams of the I Ching along with a totem ploe like robot feel.

“The Green Traveler” Art based on the Chakras, the I Ching Hexagrams and Robots

Green the color of Christmas trees and the heart chakra, I originally wrote those words over 15 years ago on a Christmas day, the morning after my father died of a heart attack. I was in a transitional space myself, going through a separation that was the prelude to a divorce. I had a four year old son at the time. My heart was a soft shambles of many emotions, not the least of which was a deep sense of melancholy. I was leaving behind the old life, the old ways of making art (music) and transitioning and moving into the discovery or better put, the rediscovery of visual art. I was also exploring a more spirit laden path at the time. It seemed a much better way of dealing with the pain than medicating through alcohol, drugs or women. No, I was changing, altering my consciousness in a new and much improved way.

It was during this time that I first explored the chakras. I also went through my Picasso “Blue” period, lol. I literally painted everything, furniture, objects, anything, some shade of blue. Green was also in the color scheme. My heart needed some serious help. I found it and myself in meditation and in the healing power of art.

But enough of old histories… “The Green Traveler” is the fourth in this series of chakra and I Ching inspired and informed art and design. And of course, there’s that playful robot feel. A mystical and futuristic metallic and spirit laden intelligence is how I look at the Travelers. A bearer of divine enlightenment or at least a good life lesson. And indeed that is what these are. Wisdom machines. Intuition openers. Guides or lightning rods to a higher and more profound consciousness.

The Green Traveler has the same essential characteristics as the other little robots, The seven chakra colors, the great wheel of green embedded with the eight trigrams of the I Ching. The two trigrams near the bottom of the work. The yin and yang of the black and white gradients in the pyramid and triangular shapes. Circles and squares. Rectangles. Sacred geometry or geometry that exhales the sacred, the spirit driven. Fuels a deeper and truer connection and understanding. And that is the goal of the design, of the art. To make people feel more connected. To themselves. To others.

So here is the Green Traveler, the bearer of the heart chakra… green, the color of Christmas trees…

"The Green Traveler" is a digital art and design piece that utilizes sacred, spiritual geometry, the colors of the chakras and trigrams of the I Ching along with a totem pole like robot feel.

The two I Ching hexagrams that are on the lower portion of the piece are, from top to bottom, Lake and Wind. The chakra colors blend and transition between the yellow of the third chakra to the green of the fourth and onto the blue of the throat chakra, or fifth as they move through the trigrams. As always, there are four combinations of I Ching hexagrams we can create with these two trigrams.

The two trigrams, Lake over Lake create I Ching hexagram #58, Tui, which signifies The Joyous.

Interpretation of I Ching Hexagram 58, Tui

The two trigrams, Wind over Wind create the I Ching hexagram #57, Sun, which signifies The Gentle.

Interpretation of I Ching Hexagram 57, Sun

If we place Lake over Wind, we create the I Ching hexagram #28, Ta Kuo, which signifies The Preponderance of the Great.

Interpretation of I Ching Hexagram 28, Ta Kuo

And lastly, by placing the trigram Wind over the trigram Lake, we arrive at I Ching hexagram #61, Chung Fu, which signifies Inner Truth.

Interpretation for I Ching Hexagram 61, Chung Fu

So there we have the four hexagrams as created by these two trigrams on their own. I encourage you to explore the I Ching both online through the amazing variety of sites out there and also offline through the I Ching itself. I am currently using theĀ  Wilhelm translation, but there are many doorways into this fascinating work.

As always, comments, rants and even mad speculation, is wholly welcomed and appreciated.

yours in the possibility,

P.S. As always my appreciation and love go out to my most treasured and cherished Zen Girl for all the love, encouragement and wisdom she shares with me. Thank you baby.


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