“The Orange Traveler”: Digital Art based on the Chakras, I Ching and Robots.

Yes, those little robots are back, lol. This time featuring the orange wheel of the second chakra. Another exploration and variation in this series of seven “Traveler” pieces utilizing the trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching, the chakra colors and robots. My fascination with robots runs deep, back into the “Lost In Space” episodes of my childhood. These works feel like that to me. They conjure the playfulness of that, along with the spirit driven side. A nice combination. Future and infinite. I look at them as their own enlightened beings, the seven, traveling through the infinite cosmos to offer truth and enlightenment to intelligent creatures. The colors of the prism. White light broken into it’s separate channels. The yin and yang in the metallic shapes. That’s what the gradients echo to me. There is for me personally, something wonderfully simple and something much deeper about this series of I Ching and Chakra based work. Of course, I also think you may see it quite differently, lol.

As straight decorative design based work, I think it carries itself well. Pleasing to the eye on the surface. The shapes of circles, triangles and squares working together. In some ways, a sacred geometry to paraphrase Plato. You don’t have to be a metaphysical cosmonaut to enjoy it. And that is part of my most recent experimenting. One of the goals really. To bring the metaphysical, the symbolic representations of spirit into the everyday. You don’t have to be working on opening your chakras or using the insights and wisdom of the I Ching to feel the benefit of art that utilizes these concepts and their symbols. Ultimately, I’d love to see these works, or pieces of them appear on everyday items like coffee cups and bed linens. And of course, shower curtains, lol.

So here is the second work in this series, “The Orange Traveler”.

"The Orange Traveler" a digital art and design piece utilizing the trigrams of the I Ching, the colors of the chakras and robots.

For any one interested, the two I Ching trigrams on the lower portion of the work are, from top to bottom, Thunder and Fire. The hexagrams they form together are Shi Ke (#21) which is thunder over fire and Feng (#55) which is fire of thunder. For a look at the meaning of these hexagrams here are a couple of links:

Shi Ke #21

Feng #55

And yes, if placed one over themselves they also form two more hexagrams. As always, your input, thoughts and opinions are valued and appreciated.

Yours in possibility,

P.S. My love and thoughts go out to My Beloved Zen Girl. She has much on her plate right now.


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