"The Red Traveler" a digital artwork from Sacred Square based on the chakras, the I Ching and my love of robots.

“The Red Traveler”: Digital Art based on the Chakras, I Ching and Robots.

Robots? Yeah, robots. At least in many ways that’s what this new series of pieces seems to be to me. Spirit infused machines from out in the blackness of the void. This feels like the logical and literal extension of the works leading up to it. From the beginnings of “Geometrica” through “Vox Arcanum” and “Time”, this is where it was leading. From the pieces like “Temple 2”, all the roads seem to have lead here. To what I’m calling “Travelers”, a nod to our personal journeys on the road to a more enlightened life. And also a nod to my boyhood love of robots and science fiction.

These pieces, of which “The Red Traveler” is the first, are the amalgamation of all the pieces before them. Literally.A true digital collage made of elements from various other works. Some of those, well most of those, I’ve shared, a few I have not. But with a few exceptions, all the elements that show up in this new work are from past works. Self sampling in a way. There’s the chakra colored trigrams from the original “Geometrica” along with the expanded pyramid triangle shapes of “Temple 2”. The chakra colored wheel from “Time/Clock” and the bars that appeared in “Geometrica 2”. The metallic looking elements and the large red wheel with the faded I Ching trigrams from “Vox Arcanum 1 &2”. All pieces, all roads leading here.

I feel like all the work before truly was leading to this series of work. But then again, I always feel that’s the case. Well, not really, there are those moments where there’s a breakthrough, a shift, “Vox Arcanum 1 & 2” were of that nature. They borrowed from the previous works, but had their own flavor, their own distinct breakthrough. A lot of work is like that. I think for many artists, the process of creating is a series of experiments, little steps, sudden jumps, combining and recombining influences from the past with inspirations in the present. I look at the work of an artist like Jasper Johns and I see this quite clearly. The evolution of themes, recurring motifs, explored over periods of time until exhausted, then left behind. Of course these motifs often return in John’s work, referencing his own past as well as that of the history of western art.

There are seven individual pieces in this series. One for each chakra color. They lean heavily on geometry and shape, circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, the colors of the chakras, and, as so much of my work does, the eight original trigrams of the I Ching, or Book of Changes.

Zen Girl shared this quote from Plato with me a few days ago, and I’ll share it with you; “Geometry will draw the soul toward truth, and create the spirit of philosophy.” I don’t know if Plato is right, but I am experiencing some things since coming to work in these shapes, these forms. The work is fairly effortless for the most part. It feels like it flows easily. Now one could certainly make an argument that all artists are always working in geometry, or with geometry. After all, we deal in shapes, in lines, in form. Even a Jackson Pollock or a Mark Rothko has lines, has form respectively. But this work that I am now drawn to is certainly and clearly based in geometrical shapes.

So here is the first traveler in this series…

"The Red Traveler" is a digital design and art work using the chakra colors, pyramid and sacred geometry and the eight original trigrams of the I Ching, or Book of Changes

Original size of the piece is 30″x16″.

So there you have the beginning of this new series of work. I’m excited to say that Zen Girl will most likely be sharing her thoughts and insights on this series of work as it posts. She’s a much better writer than I am and also has a deeper knowledge of spirit than I. I’ve been showing her this work as it develops, before I post it and she has been very enthusiastic about this series. Actually she’s been extraordinarily supportive of me and the work since we met and she is really the prime reason I’m exploring this. She opened the door and continues to hold it open. Thank you baby.

As always, your comments, thoughts and opinions are encouraged. So feel free to speak up… and enjoy these robots:)

Yours in possibility,


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