“Geometrica 2” Digital Artwork based on the Trigrams of the I Ching and Chakra Colors

Been a while since I posted. I just returned from the Mecca of Worldly Excess and Temptation, Las Vegas, Nevada. Strictly a business trip, but of course there was some fun to be had people watching and checking out all the design that goes into your typical resort casino. Found some cool inspirations and I’m sure some of what I saw will come out in this work. It does feel good to be able to finally get back to the blog and back to doing some fresh art work. This latest piece, “Geometrica 2”, is a continuation and further exploration on the most recent themes and design styles evident in the work. Like the pieces before it, this one utilizes the eight trigrams of the I Ching and the seven Chakra colors in a very stylized, design-based work.

In some ways, I look at it like a dance floor design for a club (see? The Vegas thing is already showing up, lol) or another textile design. Perhaps a bathmat for the “Vox Arcanum 2” shower curtain. When I look at these latest works, they seem very textile based. Rugs, pillow cases, wall hangings. This piece has a bit of a variation with the gradients on the sides that feel like the curve inward to the trigrams and the chakra colored bars.

"Geometrica 2" is a digital design art piece based on the eight trigrams of the I Ching, or Book of Changes along with the seven chakra colors.

So there you have it, trigrams, wheels and bars infused with the colors of the chakras set against the deep black of the formless. The white to black gradients on the side pulling us into the center. As always, your thoughts, comments and opinions matter and are greatly appreciated.

Yours in creating the possibility,

P.S. A loving thank you to my beloved Zen Girl for her continuing support and encouragement with this work and all things. I am truly blessed to have this amazing girl in my life.


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