Preview image of "Time", a digital artwork by Sacred Square that involves the colors of the chakras and the eight trigrams of the I Ching.

Geometrics, Mandalas and Temples: Three New Chakra, I Ching and Pyramid based art pieces

Busy, as in, “Hell yes, I’m busy”, lol. I decided that since this recent vein of exploration is producing similar flavorings in the work, that I’d group these three pieces in one post. I also don’t want to bombard the world with posts, lol. And it would be pretty easy to do right now as I have been very prolific as of late. This new work is leading me quickly through ideas and giving me much in terms of new pieces. These, in many ways, are experiments. Hell, it’s all an experiment actually. But these are certainly that. Creativity in progress. Creativity on the way to more creativity. So I wanted to group these three pieces and let you all see the ideas and thoughts developing.

These pieces and this form of exploration are flowing off of “Geometrica”, which really was the first piece in this style. Let me begin by looking at “Temples 2” first. This piece is primarily composed of three shape elements. Set against the black background are two triangular shapes reminiscent of pyramids. Due to my recent work with pyramids, this shape and the idea of temples has really come forward. The two triangular shapes are done in a white to black gradient which causes a nice fade near the top. One could look at this gradient as a way of expressing duality, the yin (female) and yang (male) aspects that are present throughout nature and the Universe. The pyramid form the two make suggested the idea of a temple to me.

In the foreground we have seven circular “doughnuts” going up the center between and overlapping the two triangular elements making up the temple. These are done in the seven chakra colors corresponding to the main chakras of the human body. For those of you who don’t know about chakras, here’s a link to some good information. These energy centers are nexuses of nerves. Pathways for which the internal and eternal chi, or life force energy flows. The more open one is, the better the flow. The better the flow, the better your life.

Along with the circles, or wheels, there are corresponding lines of color stretching across the work. These form a ladder to me, or perhaps could be viewed as steps leading up to the top of the temple and the crown chakra, our connection with the divine. Whether or not you’re into these types of metaphysical concepts, I think the piece also functions as a pleasing design and that is something I’m striving for. A way to bring these types of images, coded with sacred, spiritual or metaphysical meanings into everyday life. The fact that they can also be used for meditation purposes is an added benefit.

Here’s “Temples 2”. Original size: 48″ x 32″

"Temples 2" an original digital art work featuring the seven wheels and colors of the chakras set against a pyramid structure. By Sacred Square

Next up is a variation on “Temple 2” that utilizes a duplication of the design along with the addition of the eight trigrams of the I Ching. These trigrams are what the 64 hexagrams are created from and symbolize various “changes” that we, as humans, all go through. If you have no experience with the I Ching I would suggest taking a look at this fascinating oracle and wisdom tool. I have a limited exposure, really just a beginner, but I have found much value in this ancient text. One of the best, or at the least, most scholarly works on the subject is the translation by Wilhelm, But there are several less involved translations and sources for I Ching interpretation. I’ll try to remember to include a few links at the bottom of this post to get you going.

This piece is called “Totem 21”. And really, it seems rather totemic to me, although I won’t blame you if you don’t look at it this way. The two halves of the piece are comprised of the work “Temple 2” flipped over to create the bottom half. Between the two halves are the trigrams of the I Ching. I did some digital treatment to them to give them the look or feel of old stone. An ancient feel against the more modern design feel of the rest of the piece. I really like the feel of the piece and it is quite large in actual real world dimensions.

I’ve always been attracted to totem poles having first encountered them as a young boy at the Field Museum of Chicago. Majestic. Powerful. Iconic. I’m pretty sure this design is just the beginning for this style of exploration. In other words, there’s going to be more totem poles, lol. I can also envision this as a rug or other textile like a throw or blanket of some type. Might also make for a very interesting yoga mat.

So here’s “Totem 21”. Size: 32″ x 72″

"Totem 21" an original digital art work by Sacred Square.

The third piece in this series of exploration is really a mandala. A mandala, if you’re unfamiliar, can be defined as: A geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. Of course mandalas exist across all faiths, belief systems and in nature. Mandalas are circular. In fact you could probably look around your life and see lots of things that are mandalas. A clock or watch face can be thought of as a mandala. the traditional yin yang symbol is certainly a mandala. In fact, this piece seemed to represent a clock face to me in many ways and I’ve titled it “Time” because of that association.

And time is actually a perfect title for this piece. The work is composed of a central circle or wheel that is made up of a gradient encompassing all seven of the chakra colors. Branching out from that, like the rays of a stylized sun (another mandala, just like the earth is) are chakra colored lines. In between the lines are the eight trigrams of the I Ching. And it is really in that that the title of time becomes so appropriate to me. The I Ching is all about change. And what greater agent of change in the Universe is there than time? All things, the universe itself, change over time. The trigrams and hexagrams are symbolic representations of those changes. The oracle that is the I Ching is about negotiating and recognizing those states of change. Thus “time” seemed like the perfect title.

Here’s “Time”. Size: 36″ x 36″

"Time" a digital artwork involving the eight trigrams of the I Ching and the seven chakra colors.

In many ways I can also see these types of designs represented in neon, three dimensional works. If I get the bug, perhaps I’ll look for someone who could create that kind of piece and have this design made. Until then it might just end up on some tee shirts.

Here’s the I Ching links I promised earlier…
A great collection of tons of links to various I Ching pages on the net. Worth exploring.

As always, your thoughts and ideas and opinions matter to me and are greatly appreciated, so feel free.

yours in creating the possibility,

P.S. A kiss for Zen Girl just because she really is the sweetest girl in the world. šŸ™‚


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