“Geometrica” Digital Art/Design based on Trigrams, Chakra Colors and Pyramids

This marks a departure, in some ways from the previous works. Or perhaps a new fusion of the elements of the previous works. Like “The Way Home” and “Electric Giza” This piece incorporates the seven colors of the chakras as the color scheme. Like the I Ching based work (Truth • Wisdom • Love • Peace and others), this work utilizes the eight base trigrams from which all 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are devised. Like the recent pyramid work and the earlier I Ching work, this piece also uses the shape of triangles along with squares and circles. The difference really is that “Geometrica” combines all of these elements into something new.
For me the work appears like a language almost, a combination of symbols, shapes and colors that come together in a way that speaks of a deeper sense of things. A symbolic language. Of course, you may not get that, and that’s quite alright, lol.  I can’t say I planned this, or really any other piece I’ve ever done out. I can’t say that I was aiming for this result. Things seem to be flowing right now. The line between “art” and “design” is blurring. Patterns are emerging and new designs are coming quickly. As this line of work expands and goes on, I expect new themes to emerge. The trigrams are such a symbolic language in and of themselves.
Here’s the work. Size is 32″ x 20″. I’m really looking at this new work in the form of textiles. Possibly blankets, shower curtains and such. Odd? well yes, but I like the idea of bringing something outside the norm into those areas. As to when, I think sometime in this next year.
"Geometrica 1" A digital art work based on the eight trigrams of the I Ching, the seven Chakra colors and triangular, pyramid shapes.
The black and white gradients can be perceived as the opposites, the yin and the yang. The black of the background is the void, the formless and the vast from which all creation/creativity flows from. The sacred squares of the eight trigrams can be said to represent earth and the basic forces of change. They are filled with a gradient of the chakra colors blending into one another. The circles can be said to represent heaven or the “wheels of life”, the seven chakras that Hindu belief states are the main chakras of human beings. When these are all open and flowing, we experience complete connection, complete oneness. The triangles are the representation of man/woman traditionally. So in this piece we have heaven, earth and man/woman together. And there are many meanings and interpretations when it comes to these basic shapes. Which is one of the reasons I love to play with them in this way. They invite interpretation based on the viewers own experience.
As always, your comments and thoughts are appreciated and encouraged.
Yours in creating possibility,
P.S. My love and thanks to Zen Girl for her always present encouragement, creative input and devotion to being a seeker. She is an example and an inspiration for me.

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