“Temples and Trigrams” Giza, Chakras and the I Ching in digital art/design

Pure design. And art too, lol. What is the difference? I used to have that conversation back in my days at S.A.I.C. (The School of the Art Institute Chicago) with both faculty and fellow students. And indeed, what is art? What makes design art and vice versa? Good questions made for Post Modern French philosophers of which, frankly, I think I’ve had enough of in my life. Not to say that Baudrillard or Foucalt  were bad philosophers or that they weren’t important, but in art school, as in Capital A, Capital S art school (which the S.A.I.C. certainly is) they tend to stuff your head with a lot of that post modern speak. But enough about educational issues.

“Temples and Trigrams” is just that, another exploration involving the original 8 trigrams of the I Ching, or Book of Changes, and the pyramids at Giza. And the chakra colors make their appearance too. It feels rather cinematic to me in many ways and I did do a piece the added a movie title and such to help describe that written idea to my darling Zen Girl. But I’m not showing that one until I actually get more written. In this one, I see the 8 trigrams as windows. Windows to the pyramids and their mystery. A code over layed on a code, perhaps?

I love this photo of the pyramids at Giza. It’s just a gorgeous piece of work. I wish I knew the photographer as I would give her or him credit certainly for this beautiful photograph. It was certainly inspiring. It feels spiritual and sacred. Filled with power. A truly amazing photo.

"Temples and Trigrams" is a digital art work based on the 8 original trigrams of the I Ching, the pyramids of Giza and the colors of the chakras by Sacred Square

The original art for this piece measures 36″ x  24″. Hey, it’s suitable for framing, lol. Seriously, I do really like the way this piece came out. The Giza pyramids and structures have been in my head a lot lately.

As always, enjoy. Your comments and thoughts and expressions are most welcome.

Yours in creating the possibility,Cosmo

P.S. Always my thanks and love to my most treasured love, Zen Girl, for all her inspiration, imagination and appreciation.


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