Preview image for "Electric Giza" on the Sacred Square blog.

“Electric Giza”: Pyramids and Chakra Colors Meditation Piece

This one was inspired by “The Way Home” and the technique developed in that piece. “Electric Giza” is also the product of my long fascination with the pyramids and structures on The Giza Plateau. There is so much mystery in their creation. I really don’t think that the conventional Egyptologist explanations and theories are correct. I also don’t think they were built by advanced alien beings during their solar system tour.

So what exactly do I think about what happened out on the Giza Plateau? I tend to lean towards the thought that the pyramids and the Sphinx are much older than the 2,500 BC date that is given for them now by the conventional thinking. The Sphinx shows signs, according to geologists of extensive water damage. And climatologists don’t think that Giza was wet anytime before 12-15,000 years ago. So that’s a little perplexing, don’t you think? There’s also some fascinating thoughts from people like Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and others. While many people think these outsider voices are completely crazy, I find that they are thought provoking at the least. Who knows how and who Giza was built by? When you look at the history of pyramid building in Egypt, there is no build up to Giza, no practice builds so to speak. There’s a low level of pyramid construction before Giza and a rapid decline after. Odd, to say the least.

Is Giza the product of an advanced human civilization? One possibly wiped out in a global cataclysm after the last ice age? Maybe. Maybe not. But what Giza certainly exudes is a sense of great mystery and of great power. These pyramids are different. This area is different. There is a thought that Giza is a time machine in a sense and that it marks the sky above it at the time it was built. Heaven over earth. Heaven on earth. The I Ching hexagram, Pi, #12 also represents this concept. Whatever Giza is, it is monumental. A complex built at the center of the world and perhaps a mystery we will never truly solve.

"Electric Giza" is a Sacred Square digital artwork.

“Electric Giza” is inspired by that mystery and by the colors of the chakras. It is meant as a meditative piece of digital art. The original dimensions are small, (by my standards, lol) and it measures 16″ x 12″ in the real world. All seven chakra colors are represented beginning with red on the bottom and moving through orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet at the top. I’ll most likely try a tee shirt of this and see what people think.

As always, enjoy and I welcome your comments and feedback on this and any post or subject.

Yours in creating the possibility,

Again, my thanks go to the most incredible, loving and creative girl in the world, my beloved Zen Girl for all her inspiration and love.


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