A Sacred Square: I Ching Trigrams #2 Digital Art

Just completed this last fine Sunday morning and posted fresh like toast, lol. Another look at the eight original trigrams that are the building blocks for the 64 hexagrams that make up the I Ching, or Book of Changes. Design based digital art. The representation of earth (the square), heaven (the circle) and man/woman (the triangle) forming the basis of the work along with the original trigrams.

It’s rather fascinating and perfect to me that the I Ching, a book for negotiating the seas of change in life, is built upon these eight trigrams which then, through change and restructuring, become the sixty four hexagrams. In this piece, I added some gradients to the trigrams along with some of the circular elements which gives the piece a more three dimensional feel.

I find it quite meditative to just blow it up full screen and stare at the center. To begin to let it “float” on the screen, in my vision field. I tend to get lost in it. It feels powerful to me. All encompassing. It invokes a stillness in me when I look at it like this. Your results may vary, lol. The original “real” world size is 24″ x 24″.  I’m thinking it will make for a nice art print.

The eight trigrams that make up the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, or Book of Changes expressed in a digital art piece by Sacred Square

This piece retains the basic color scheme of red, black and white and also, in my opinion, that Bauhaus/De Stijl feel to the design. Eastern thought meets Western design style.

As always, your thoughts and comments are most welcome and appreciated.

yours in creating the possibility…

P.S. As always, thanks to my beloved, Zen Girl for her encouragement, insight, support and sharp, critical eye and thinking.


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