“The Way Home”: Meditative digital art with chakra colors

Just finished this one. Actual size is 48″ x 24″ in the “real” world. I’ve been playing with variations on this for a bit, but I like where it ended up in this version. The dots and slashes that are composed of the seven chakra colors represent an energy field in my mind. The human energy field, while the white is the creative set against the black of the eternal, or the abyss. At least that’s how I see it, but you may be of a different insight. Feel free to share.

Used the Waffle Tablet (Wacom to the uninitiated, lol) for this one. I may post some of the variants down the road. For now, I like this particular take.

The Way Home 3 is a digital art piece using the chakra colors by Sacred Square.

It has a meditative quality to it that I like. I think that will be more pronounced in the larger print size. But, that could be just me, lol. It also seems like it might be good visually for those that enjoy hallucinogens or psychedelic adventures.


Yours in expanding the possibilities,


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