“Primary Knowledge” Another Look At The I Ching through Digital Art

Here, once again, I return to the I Ching as the source and inspiration for a digital art piece. This time, I’m using all 64 hexagrams in an over all square design. This piece is the product of using the Waffle (Wacom) tablet. There’s a different feel to this one as the yin and yang lines of the individual hexagrams are not straight, hard lines. There’s a different quality to the hand drawn lines. Softer. I was also using an airbrush style painting method with this which tends to blur the edges a bit. I think it produces a meditative effect to some degree.

The title of the piece plays off of two separate meanings, influences; the primary colors (along with the black field) and the thought that, at it’s core, the I Ching is about essential, primary knowledge on the ageless issues of change that we humans confront in our lives. I also like to think that the style of this piece, which in some ways could be considered child like, creates a different sort of feel for the viewer. All in all, I’m just hoping to create new ways of seeing this oracle, new ways of coming to it.

"Primary Knowledge". A digital art piece from Sacred Square showing the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, or Book of Changes.

The original “real” world size is 36″ x 36″ and I’d like to think that it has a nice design feel to it. Just as a piece of design it is pleasing and intriguing without the person having to know anything about the I Ching, or Book of Changes. And this is one of the goals I have for doing this kind of work. I am looking to use design and art as a way to open new doors to the I Ching and other sacred and spiritual things. I’m trying to use cool as a way to create an entry point for people who may then go on to discover the deeper truths and meanings of what they first looked at as simply a visually pleasing or intriguing piece of art. I’ve been encouraged in this a great deal by Zen Girl. Although she holds great reverence and respect for the I Ching as her personal guide and oracle, she also looks to expand it’s reach, to create new ways of seeing it, becoming exposed to it and thus, hopefully, raising awareness and consciousness.

To that end, I’m experimenting with my son as a very willing guinea pig, with various one of t-shirts of some of my art. Especially the I Ching and trigram/hexagram based art. He’s 21 and quite involved in the electronic dance and music scene. He attends all sorts of shows and festivals and it is he who has told me their is a rise in general consciousness among a lot of young people around his age. He’s also into psychedelic experiences. So I usually show him work to get his thoughts and reactions. The next step is to create some all over printing, one-of shirts that he can wear out to his various parties, raves, festivals, etc… If there’s enough positive reaction, perhaps we can mass produce some of the designs. Until then, I’m doing limited editions of prints of most of these pieces.

Thoughts and feedback on any of these works and/or writings is always appreciated and welcomed. Until next time…

Yours in expanding the possibility,

P.S. My love and thanks to my precious and beloved Zen Girl for all her input and inspiration on this journey.


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